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Henry Cloud

A success in publishing, Dr. Henry Cloud’s co-authored Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life sold two million copies! The self help author studied from Southern Methodist University and Biola University with a BS in psychology and a PhD in clinical psychology.  A philanthropist with interests in inner city and third world missions and development, and homelessness; he is on the board and serves as the treasurer of Los Angeles Mission.

Blog posts by Henry
Kati Rubinyi

Kati Rubinyi is an architect that brings her creative practices to help city governments with urban planning and designing. She is the founder of Civic Projects, which assists in strategic planning for mobility in urban cities. Always the innovator, she finds new ways to incorporate new technology and ideas into her strategic planning. Having a strong background in long-range financial planning and systems thinking, she is able to bring stability to long term planning while still allowing her creative philosophies to mold projects.

Blog posts by Kati
Greg Sauter

Greg has 30 years in the engineering and construction industry, and  enjoyed a 15 year career with engineering and construction giant AECOM as their Executive Vice President and Chief Corporate Officer and was instrumental in AECOM’s growth to be the 100,000 person $19.5-billion company it is today. Greg’s commitment to excellence have garnered national and international awards including Ethisphere’s 100 most ethical companies list, the old American Business Awards, multiple International Business Awards, and Newsweek’s Top 500 Greenest Companies. Greg is also an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University in the Global Leaders in Construction Management, Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics.

Blog posts by Greg
Nita Tucker

Nita Tucker has spent her life pursuing and chasing after her dreams in love, business and life.  Never one to stand by and watch life pass by her, Nita philosophy is to go after one’s dreams no matter the obstacles. She follows her basic formula of self discovery and then commit to it.. She applied this to her love life when she stopped waiting around for the right partner to appear but instead went out and searched for what she wanted. She wanted to build a family with her husband, and through non-traditional means, did just that when they adopted two children.  When she wanted to fulfil her lifelong dream of living in Italy, she worked through the obstacles in front of her and did just that. She uses her philosophy and life experiences to help others through public speaking and her various relationship books she wrote.

Blog posts by Nita
Wes Colvin

Wes Colvin has 35 years of experience in information technology, new technology product development, transportation operations, material and cash logistics. Wes has served in senior executive level positions for more than 25 years guiding and shaping corporate strategy, product development and business and health care automation strategies. Most recently Wes has serviced as the Assistant Chief Information Officer for the County of Riverside responsible first for the Infrastructure and Communications Bureau and presently leading the Bureau supporting Health and Human services departments.

Blog posts by Wes
Jeffery Kaplan

Dr. Jeff Kaplan combines three decades of business experience to help executive leadership, operations, sales and marketing teams rapidly increase innovation, collaboration and productively. He has worked with Global Fortune 500 companies including:  Aon, Accenture, Apollo Group, Bank of America, British Telecommunications, Dow, DuPont, Procter & Gamble, Royal Bank of Scotland, and U.S. Bank to name a few. Jeff is also the founder and managing partner of J. Alan Group, a research firm and consultancy devoted to the art and science of maximizing performance through people.  He also serves as a Director of China Foundations and prior Director for KOSTechnology.

Blog posts by Jeff
Colleen Blackwell

With over 30 years of experience in leadership and management, Colleen Blackwell has become a source for people wanting to make a difference. Founder and Chief Advisor of Blackwell & Son Advisers, Blackwell is a life coach helping people and business start ups in communications, technology mapping, strategic partnership development, accounts management, and more. A humanitarian herself, she founded Win2ition which is a 501C3 non-profit that creates custom programs catered to help single parents thrive in life.

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