Before you make a new technology investment,
have you maximized impact from your existing investments? 

LIFT BusinessReady Adoption POV

Successful technology adoption efforts start by answering “Why?” then analyze the “How?” – read more in our Point of View doc. 

Adoption Offerings

BusinessReady Assessment

Our proprietary adoption assessments will get you started down the path and can be scaled up with on-site workshops or delivered remotely.

Adoption & Training Delivery

Once you have a solid plan, use our team to deliver adoption programs and end user training customized to your unique business use cases.

Cisco Lifecycle Advisor

LIFTinnovate is a certified Cisco Lifecycle Advisor partner, contact us about opportunities for discounted or even no-cost customer adoption programs.

Reseller Adoption Consulting

Adoption best practices are new to many resellers and will be key to getting to technology customers at scale, let us help you get your practice started.

Revenue Lifecycle Consulting Image
Adoption Managed Service

Contact us for more information on our adoption managed service currently in pilot phase. 

Need support to nail technology adoption?

We look forward to discussing your needs. 

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